Happy Anniversary!

For our three-year anniversary Lisa took me snowshoeing up in the mountains even though she was 8 months pregnant. She's one tough mom! It was a blast! And isn't she cute!

Family Photo - December 2008



Cooking with Mom

Thomas loves to cook with his mom!

Wheeler Farm

We took a trip to Wheeler Farm in Salt Lake. Although Thomas was interested in the animals and the tractors, of course he was most interested in a pile of dirt we found in the very back corner of the farm. :-)

Bear Lake

On August 4th we took a trip to Bear Lake with the family one last time before Jan and Marc move to Alabama. Thomas loved the water and the sand, but what he loved most of all were the jet skis. No our family didn't have a jet ski, but he saw them out on the lake and really wanted to go for a ride. Throughout the day he kept pointing out at them saying "jets."